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Sometimes we receive questions what the right permissions of these files should be.Therefore this blog post to have a look at the file permissions (and ownership) of both files.If aging is insufficient, passwd terminates; see pwconv(1M), nistbladm(1), and shadow(4) for additional information.The pwconv command creates and updates /etc/shadow with information from /etc/passwd.With a tool like passwd, which has a set UID bit, the file can be altered in a controlled way.Commonly when people have made changes to the files, issues arise.

Otherwise it could disrupt file permissions and authorizations.If you are new to the subject, then consider a hash like a fingerprint of the password, but not the real content.So you can always check again the rightful owner of the password, without storing it unencrypted.The password file stores local accounts of the system.It is a readable text file and uses colons (:) to separate the fields.The salt mixes in more randomness, to prevent common brute force attacks.

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