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Rate this article and enter to win A few years ago, I was taking the subway to work and noticed something funny.

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All you have to do is a little reorganizing to “change the convenience, the attractiveness, and how normal it is to eat the right foods,” says Dr.In fact, the research (which we’ll get into in a minute) shows your food environment plays a major role in how you eat—for better and for worse. That means you can “set up your environment so that it helps you eat better,” says Dr.Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, and one of the leading researchers on how your environment affects your eating habits.They found that the simple act of placing the candy in an opaque (non see-through) container versus a clear jar made a huge difference: Employees consumed nine fewer packages of M&M’s® than usual over a seven-week period. A convenience-salience framework of postpurchase consumption incidence and quantity. Following the “keep healthy foods in sight and stash the junk” rule, put your candy stash in dark containers and leave the glass jars for more nutritious snacks, like dried fruit and nuts.“I keep candy in a big see-through container on the counter. April brings cutting edge behavioral research to singles to empower them for finding quality mates.

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