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Unfortunately, finding companies like that isn't so easy.

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They are in good standing with the BBB and other industry watchdogs.

NDR enrolls clients with unsecured debt balances of at least ,000 or more.

Their debt counselors work with you to create a financial plan to help put you back on the right financial path.

The package of services includes free credit counseling, insolvency analysis and asset preservation strategies among others. Negotiators with American Debt Enders will broker settlements with creditors and pay off those amounts using escrowed funds or proceeds of a low interest and budget-friendly loan. When you're searching for the best credit card debt consolidation companies on the net, remember to keep track of ALL costs associated with your program.

They are another firm that's been around a long time.

Overall, they are a respectable company to work with and they are in good standing within the industry, and with regulators.

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