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If the other person is sincerely interested in you, he or she will want you to feel comfortable and will be happy to take things slowly.The mixing of Christian beliefs and death metal – a genre more usually associated with the darker side of spirituality – may seem somewhat contradictory, but it is a recipe for success as far as Northern Irish outfit For Christ Sake are concerned.We have been asked to try and get to the US, so we feel our future and our music is getting great feedback from all over the world. We had negotiations back and forth for nearly a year, which was mainly down to the distance factor.Our label owner is a really good guy who really cares for the bands on his roster.

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Is it important to you not to put people off by seeming to be too ‘in your face’ when it comes to presenting your faith to your audiences?

Last but not least, online Christian dating is an excellent choice if you want to broaden your horizons and meet other Christians who you might not necessarily encounter in your everyday life.

Dating online gives you the chance to focus your approach and go for the type of dating partner you really want, rather than leaving things up to chance.

It only really started to take proper shape in recent years following several line up changes, but we have settled on the current incarnation.

We have a strong and common bond galvanized by our love of the same music and our faith.

If a budding romance does happen, you’ll also be safe in the knowledge that it’s with someone who shares your religious beliefs and may share your attitude to love, sex and marriage.

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