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Trish Stratus is a native of Richmond Hill, Canada, an upscale suburb of Toronto.She was born Patricia Anne Stratigias on December 18, 1975.For the first year of her career, Trish Stratus was managing teams. The following year, trish stratus got a juicy storyline of her own.She managed T & A, then briefly just A (once T had left). She began an in-ring relationship with WWF Chairman Vince Mc Mahon following his public announcement that he wanted to divorce his wife, Linda.By the time the WWF contacted the newly renamed Trish Stratus in 1999, she was ready to show the WWF her stuff.

She also co-hosted a Canadian talk show, Live Audio Wrestling—a gig that helped launch her wrestling career.Let’s look at some of the stories in which Trish Stratus participated.Early on in the show, Trish Stratus started taunting The Dudley Boyz, who had a penchant for slamming women through tables.Her choice of childhood idol was perhaps indicative of things to come: young Patricia worshipped legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan.Trish Stratus started her career as a fitness model.The story climaxed in a tag team: Trish Stratus and Vince Mc Mahon versus Stephanie and William Regal.

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