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In 1924 Adolf and Rudolf started making shoes and soon had a small shoe business.

The elder brother, Rudolf (or Rudi), was a veteran of World War I.

The pictures were published in magazines and made Cola even more popular.

Besides, the red and white colours were simple and effective.

Red was energetic and bright and so would attract young people.

As for the style of writing, it was just popular in the United States during that period.

Adi wanted to make a symbol that could be easily recognized by other people and three stripes was a good idea. You have to climb it if you want to reach the peak or achieve anything. Only the bravest people could wear their Puma shoes and cross the river to the Adidas side of the town.

When people met in the street, they first looked down at each other's shoes.

At first he wanted to name his company Ruda, but then he thought about a graceful, quick animal – the puma. Adi stayed with family business and renamed the company Adidas.

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