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You see, Levi had come in from France about a year ago, not knowing a lick of English, and when he happened to stop by your cafe and order something in French -which you understood, due to the small classes during your school years- you couldn't help but feel your heart pound at the way his words flowed as steady as a river.Ever since you had taught him the basics, and as well as enough for him to have a full conversation with a stranger. His accent is what made a strange confused expression cross over others features, and yet you understood it perfectly since you had spent so much time with him. v=ihk D1KYtny Q ~ Ah, you just loved Saturday nights.

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It was a known fact that the Easter holiday was the one you were in charge of, while your husband Levi was supervising Christmas, and the both of you did the rest together. He knitted his thick brows together in confusion and adjusted his grip on the wheel of the large van he drove. "The man smirked slightly as the two boys pulled to the side of the road, Jean poking his head out of the vehicle to get a better look at the irritated-looking person. Although, The Christmas Party (Levi X Reader) CRACKFIC! Now, everyone wondered how someone could be so grouchy at a beautiful time like this.This made him especially angry when he had to repeat himself Shots (Levi X Reader) CRACKFIC! Especially when it you had the fireplace going with the flames licking the ends of the charred logs, and nice warm, and fuzzy blankets draped over your lap as you curled up on the couch with a nice book. " Currently, you along with your friends had all huddled down into the basement of the Survey Corps castle, up to no good as per usual when all of you had gotten together. You were going to break into Levi's secret room and steal his stash of Eggnog that -heard fro Welcome To The Survey Corps (Levi X Reader) CRACK~A/N: Based off of this video: https://Everything was so serene, tranquil, and peaceful, you just adored it. Although this present act of mischief was for a good cause! The tension in the cramped hallway was fairly obvious as Eren picked the lock of the door in the basement. v=VQb1-ty Pdk4 ~ There was a ritual in the oh-so-famous Survey Corps, where when the new recruits joined and got their uniforms, they would spend the night in a little get-together, have a few drinks, and have a little fun.Was there a person who could see through the fraud? It was such a serene and tranquil time of the year, with the exception of that horrid pollen that tickled your nose constantly.One of your favorite parts about this season, besides the obvious April Fool's jokes you adored pulling on your friends, was the imagination that flowed through all the children and their minds. Our two lovely idiots Jean and Eren are on a splendid road trip to return some misplaced ramen noodles to a beautiful black-haired girl named Mikasa. Such a wonderful time of the year, filled with joy and love and happiness and laughter, who would ever be rude and grumpy on Christmas?"I wanted to pick the most random styles you could imagine.

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