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He also said that enforcing the anthem law could backfire.

Wu said there is a deep divide between Beijing and Hong Kong, one that is, in his words, “getting wider and wider.” “They seem to think that this can be achieved simply by passing legislation requiring people to respect the national anthem,” he said.

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Wang added that “this is a fundamental requirement, which I hope everyone agrees with.” Booing could backfire Last week, Hong Kong Democratic Party chairman Wu Chi-wai spoke about the issue.

He said the booing of the national anthem at football matches was a way for the people of Hong Kong to express their dissatisfaction with the government in Beijing.

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"I think that Hong Kong can do this in accordance with its own legal system," Wang told reporters.

"The most important thing is this: Any citizen of this country should show respect to their country, its national anthem, and its national flag," he said.

Hong Kong soccer fans boo the Chinese national anthem and chant banner "Hong Kong Independence" during the AFC Asian Cup 2019 qualification soccer match against Malaysia, in Hong Kong, Tuesday, Oct. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung) A new law banning any “insult” to China’s national anthem took effect last month.

Hong Kong’s leader has suggested the law could soon be enforced there in the former British territory.

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