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Founded in 2006 in London, Lovestruck has established itself as a premium brand in a competitive yet burgeoning market.

Genuinely regarded as a preeminent brand within the dating industry and a founding member of the Online Dating Association, Lovestruck has won numerous awards, most notably 'Online Dating Brand of the Year' for two years in a row at the UK Dating Awards.

One of the newest dating apps on the scene and already taking the likes of New York by storm (Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out), this app has been built with women in mind.

Every day at noon you’ll receive a new match and then given 24 hours to decide if they’re your cup of tea (or coffee).

Somewhere along the way, ‘dinner and a movie’ has became a thing of the past and technology has since taken hold of nearly all aspects of our lives.

With countless dating apps available to us, where does a girl even begin?

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Lovestruck is a leading premium online dating platform currently operating in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

China's National People's Congress standing committee approved the measure on Sept. Hong Kong is in the process of including the law in its separate statute book.

It could be enforced in Hong Kong as early as next month.

Wang added that “this is a fundamental requirement, which I hope everyone agrees with.” Booing could backfire Last week, Hong Kong Democratic Party chairman Wu Chi-wai spoke about the issue.

He said the booing of the national anthem at football matches was a way for the people of Hong Kong to express their dissatisfaction with the government in Beijing.

Hong Kong's sexiest lounge bar serving iconic cocktails and fine liquors.

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