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If you manage to get a backlink from an authoritative blog with tons of daily hits, you can easily get a small fraction (at least hundreds) of it to visit yours.And, you can convert a good percentage of them into your regular readers by the value you provide through your site.So their regular visitors got to know you are a reliable guy which, in term results in revenue growth.Now that you got an idea of substantial benefits of HQ links, it’s time to read the key points to remember while buying backlinks.In case you are a newbie, exploring the whole blogging thing, you might wonder why on the earth one should invest on backlinks.

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The time had changed when people used to buy things online from a complete stranger.

As I told you, in the beginning, Google (not only Google though) considers the number of authority backlinks as one of the pivotal criteria to rank a website.

As every search engine strives to provide value to the visitors, an authority backlink silently proclaims that the target site is reliable. The trust factor has a lot to do with search engine optimization (I suppose you already know the influence of user behavior in SEO).

Now, you need to earn their trust in order to get them purchase the products you promote.

The backlinks from big authority sites announce that your site is worth visiting.

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