Bangkok speed dating


While these women look good they may not be as attractive as those in the higher levels who are more likely to be in their early 20’s. Women in the “Excellent” category are truly that in my experience with good looks and great soapy massage skills.Sessions with them start at 3700 Baht (4 USD) for 50 minutes.In the past the website only had a few photos of the women with their faces obscured.The website now has a full gallery of pictures showing the women in all their glory.The cleanliness and quality seen in the lobby continues throughout the building. My review will focus on the categories that include the soapy massage service since I think it is stellar at Mitu even if the standard “Nice” service is also good.Besides the cleanliness it is the soap style set up that really sets this place apart in my opinion.

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This is the kind of attention that is characteristic of soaplands in the Land of the Rising Sun but often missing from the adult industry in other countries.

Walking up that staircase and turning right brings the well marked yet discreet entrance of Mitu into plain view.

An English and Japanese speaking manager waiting at a desk just inside the door welcomes customers into the shop and directs them to a very large U shaped set of couches facing a flat screen television.

Drinks are offered which can be a relief after coming in out of the Bangkok heat.

Things are already impressive because the lobby is so clean and well done and the service is so good.

This is so true that I had to wonder if she was specially trained in Tokyo since her moves come so close to those of the experts in the Yoshiwara soaplands that places around the world have mimicked for decades but she assures me that she has never left Thailand.

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