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You select the time and duration of your encounter and Smooci gives you a list of all available local girls and their services.In Bangkok you will often find close to 100 girls available at varying prices and quality.I chose her because she had a reasonably pretty face, and then when we got upstairs she undid her top and had big fake tits.They were actually pretty good fakes and had a nice soft layer before the silicon hit.As someone who actually prefers a blowjob to sex these bars are obviously perfect for me.

And watching her cute face expertly suck me off was quite pleasurable as well. I thought I had found my favorite blowjob bar in Bangkok after this 2nd great experience there. Lolita’s is also 800 baht and you find it by going down Soi 6 and taking your 2nd right.The only sure bet for BBBJ (bareback blowjob) and CIM (cum in mouth) is to visit blowjob bars.BJ bars are particularly convenient as you can walk in, have your balls drained then continue on your night out without needing to pay for a hotel room.Then towards the end I finally started to find the right ones to visit.I’ll go through each one in chronological order from when I first visited and compare them, but my top pick is Som’s Haven on Soi 14.Another 8/10 blowjob and since she was the hottest one I came back a few nights later.

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