Anxiety over ex dating


The key to finding peace after a breakup – and coping with the anxiety you feel – is to refuse to allow the breakup to define who you are.I don’t know if your breakup was terrible (perhaps your ex betrayed you by cheating or stealing) or if you are depressed and anxious for other reasons (maybe you have pre-existing health or career problems).

To cope with anxiety after a breakup, you need to learn how to nurture your capacity for acceptance, mindfulness, kindness, and compassion.Whether the adjustments are big or little, they still sting. Here’s a wonderful tip for coping with anxiety after a breakup, from “Take some time, hard as it may be, to reflect on why your relationship went wayward.Accept the breakup – and even your anxiety about breaking up – as if you’d chosen it. The reason my article about letting go of someone you love has been in my Top 10 since the day I wrote it is because we struggle to accept loss. We refuse to accept what is right in front of us, and it makes us miserable. It’s also full of incredible riches, people, and experiences! Maybe you and your ex were never really compatible to begin with.My tips below will help, but they’re only a starting point.The best way to heal is to systematically work through your anxious feelings.When Rebecca Lee Douglas first reached out to me to ask if she could interview me for her podcast, GROUP, my knee-jerk reaction was to politely say “thank you, but no thank you.” I sometimes don’t even answer the phone when it’s people I love, what makes you think I wana jump on a call with a stranger? This beautiful and insightful theory, by Fearlesslove13 & @shesdeads (brought to my attention via Buzzfeed) dove into the idea that the Taylors in the video are not good vs.

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