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Good page design is a discipline that can be achieved by applying fairly simple guidelines based on an understanding of the science of human visual perception.This presentation explores the scientific phenomena related to visual perception and how these phenomena form the foundation of best practices in page design.This full-day, interactive workshop gives you the opportunity to be among the first in your organization with a strong foundation in UX methodologies.You will learn to review user interfaces by applying usability heuristics, understand how user personas are necessary to the design process, create journey maps to improve product features and build content, and run usability tests. Kister AM- PM | Celebration 10 Practitioner Good page design is an essential component of effective technical communication.Discover best practices for developing management skills, interviewing, recruiting, hiring talent, on-boarding and training new writers, team authoring, and balancing your role as documentation manager and content developer.Learn how to allocate work for creating topics and managing reviews.Attendees can now download the full 2018 Summit program.Experience Level This schedule is subject to change.

It can elicit an immediate and positive visceral response, which also facilitates effective communication.

Most of these companies have had UX staff for fewer than 5 years.

Moreover, almost 70% of UX personnel are self-taught.

You’ll leave the workshop equipped with a checklist of the steps you need to advance your career, and to manage your new team.

Ben Woelk - PM | Celebration 7 Practitioner Temperament types have big impacts on work relationships.

The event is specifically designed to give you an opportunity to meet and learn from renowned technical communication experts, get hands-on with the latest tools, and connect with peers.

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