Android validating saxparser


I can't seem to find any XML libraries by searching Google. Once the XML is validated, it can then be transformed.

My understanding is that a Document Builder Factory can be us...

Now, as you can see from the Javadoc, this internally uses the Service Provider mechanism as documented here: Specifically, if it does not find a file in any of my application JARs called META-INF/services/parsers.

SAXParser Factory it will try to fetch it from my application codebase. I want to parse a xml file using a SAXParser or XMLReader and verify that the file conforms to a specific xsd file (new File( "example.xsd" )).

What's more, it runs faster and is easier to learn than DOMParser because its API is really simple.

But from the functionality point of view, it provides less functions which mean that the users themselves have to take care of more, such as creating their own data structures. I think the answer really depends on the characteristics of your application. ): Assume that an instructor has an XML document containing all the personal information of the students as well as the points his students made in his class, and he is now assigning final grades for the students using an application.

I haven't evaluated dom4j by myself but just wanted to know - Do java has other (Good) open source xml...

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Here is my code: path = wsdl Path; SAXParser Factory saxfac = SAXParser Instance(); Namespace Aware(true); XInclude Aware(true); Validating(false); SAXParser sax Parser = SAXParser(); sax Parser.parse(wsdl Path, this); After Setting set Namespace Aware=true, I can't get the xmlns: XXX attributes in parameter attributes of method public void start Elemen...

By contrast, however, an event-based API provides interfaces on handlers.

There are four handler interfaces, Content Handler interface, DTDHandler interface, Entity Resolver interface and Error Handler interface.

I was told to do this: URLs to resources can easily be formed using the URL(base URL, path String) constructor where the base URL is obtained from Document Base()....

The first case works fine, but the later case throws an exception (xalan/xerces used is the one shiped with Open JDK 1.6/1.7).

I'm currently trying to use JAXB to unmarshal an XML file, but it seems that the XML file is too large (~500mb) for the unmarshaller to handle. Out Of Memory Error: Java heap space @ Unmarshaller um = Instance("com.sample.xml"); Export e = (Export)um.unmarhsal(new File("SAMPLE.

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