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I've done as much testing as I can stand so it's time to release the beta!

Voice calls seem to be a very dominant feature of this game.The very first images of The Ssum published by Cheritz show a design that is less (in Mystic Messenger’s style).But, as confirmed by Cheritz, unlike Mystic Messenger (which has various functions to help the player hosting the RFA Party) The Ssum will mainly focus on phone calls and chats. It looks like Cheritz is giving us a potentially never-ending 2D boyfriend as it seems the game and the virtual relationship is not going to finish unless you (the player) get bored of your suitor.Of course report any bad spelling or typos or anything else that's off. Documentation Is the help file which explains how to do all the customization stuff easy to understand? I want the customization process to be easy and fun as much as possible. edit: btw, can one of you do me a favor and tell me if Alt Enter in the game switches to full screen for you.edit: All right, I think I got it this time. I had to change a couple of the fonts used in the game upon realizing they weren't included in most versions of Windows like I thought they were. On the other hand if The Ssum has a solid story to tell, it will be the legitimate heir of his famous predecessor.

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