Alexa vega dating carlos pena

They all knew about it and you didn't,' and James is like, 'Yeah, cheers!' " Now that the proposal has been made, it's on to the wedding planning, which Pena admitted will be up to his bride-to-be. "But she sat me down to plan this because it takes a long time.Here are seven other things you may not have known about the adorable couple: Carlos' bandmates James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, and Logan Henderson were instrumental (pun intended — sorry, I had to) in his proposal to Alexa.

But she's like, we have to find a place, we have to do this, and I'm like, it's like a year away, what do you mean?"I just have to say Carlos had a very nice speech and it started out with his dad giving a speech," BTR's Kendall Schmidt said."And it was so cool, and he was like, 'Dad ...' and they had planned it, 'Dad, Dad, sit down, I'm going to finish it,' and then he did the speech." Pena continued, "She had no idea, and then I called her out, 'See all these people?But enough about their on-screen time, how did Carlos and Alexa Pena Vega meet?While the actual moment of their meeting seems shrouded in mystery, Alexa did reveal that when she first met Carlos she wasn't so sure about him.The Big Time Rush rocker, 26, also shared their baby joy on Instagram on Thursday. It seems that Alexa and Carlos have had children on their minds for a while now.

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