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Non-European nations, who based their calendars on their own rulers or on the origin of their countries, have started using BC/AD only in the last century as transportation and trade has become more global.Scientific and secular individuals, not wishing to recognize a religious figure in such mundane things as date, keep the numerical portion of the year for continuity, but change BC to BCE—Before Common Era—and AD to CE—Common Era.

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His primary option at the time was to base his years on the emperor Diocletian who had persecuted Christians nearly 250 years before.In fact, the use of BC and AD causes more problems for Christians than it solves.For one, it perpetuates the stereotype that Christians are arrogant tyrants who insist on couching all of human history (including Jewish, Islamic, Indian, Chinese, etc.) as relative to the birth of Christ.Jews will claim that the year 2009 is actually year 5770 (based on the supposed date of the creation of the earth in the Jewish tradition), while Muslims will insist that we are in year 1430 (AH = Anno Hajiri, or the year of the pilgrimage (“hajj”) of the Prophet Muhammad).By adopting a BCE/CE system, we avoid any haggling over religious origins of calendrical dates.Still many other Christians object to the “scientific” origin of this designation.

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