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For those looking for incense, this should be your starting point and it may well be where you end up staying.

With a ludicrous marketing campaign Sahara Noir was doomed to fail from the beginning, so thank heavens for the vintage market!

The incense/woods/beeswax and the scent's projection are wonderful, but unfortunately the medicinal herbal scent ruins it a bit for me, and the sour note of oud.

I'm not sure if the medicinal herb smell is the calamus or the papyrus, as I'm not sure what these materials smell like.

Bitter orange, Levantine cypress (known as one of the plants growing in the gardens of the 1001 Arabian Nights) and cistus essence Orpur® (Orpur® are high-quality natural ingredients of extraordinary purity, developed by Givaudan) open the composition.

The heart blends frankincence essence Orpur®, cinnamon, cool papyrus extract, rose absolute from Morocco and Egyptian jasmin with honeyed and animalic shades of beeswax from Burma. I wore this and immediately was reminded of the original Black Cashmere by Donna Karan. This is what the inner sanctum of an ancient Egyptian temple would smell like to me. After a medicinal green opening, It's mostly a frankincense, cedar, cypress, balsam and beeswax scent.

It smells a bit like stale basil and oregano, and persists through most of Sahara's timeline.

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